A Tillotson Coat-of-arms

Descent from Richard de Tilston to Philip Robert Burns

My Tillotson ancestors probably derive from the de Tilstons of Cheshire, England (see map of the United Kingdom ), as do most other Tillotsons in the United States. If you are interested in Tillotson genealogy, you can find out more about it from the following links.

Here are my direct Tillotson ancestors back to Richard de Tilston according to the traditional genealogies. The line from John Tillotson the immigrant (b. 1618) down to me is secure. The identity of this John's parents is very likely to be those listed here. The parentage of Thomas (b. 1534) is not entirely clear. It is reasonably likely to be correct back to at least Nicholas (b. 1276) since he is the earliest ancestor who appears in the official pedigree of the John Tillotson who became Archbishop of Canterbury. The records for ancestors before Nicholas (b. 1276) indicate that they sired children at very advanced ages, or the records are confused because the men of sucessive generations bore the same name. The question marks after the names reflect these uncertainties and serve to point out that these may be incorrectly interpolated generations.

I have not listed multiple spouses or siblings. I have photos of a few of these folks. Click on the small images to see larger versions.

  1. Richard de TILSTON (b abt 1096) =
  2. Eynion de TILSTON (b abt 1126) = Beatrix de GERNONS (b abt 1146)
  3. Eynion? de TILSTON (b abt 1156) =
  4. Ralph de TILSTON (b about 1186) =
  5. Ralph? de TILSTON (b abt 1216) =
  6. Ralph? de TILSTON (b abt 1246) =
  7. Nicholas de TILSTON (b abt 1276) =
    Earliest reliably attested ancestor.
  8. John de TILSTON (b abt 1306) =
  9. Nicholas de TILSTON =(b 1335 d 1377) =
  10. John de Tilston (b abt 1360) = Ellen de MULNETON or Johanna DANYERS.
  11. Robert de TILSTON (b abt 1392) =
  12. Roger TILSTON (b abt 1420) = Catherine LEIGH (b abt 1420)
  13. Thomas TILSTON (b abt 1448) = Elizabeth HEATH (b abt 1443)
  14. Richard TILSTON (b abt 1473) = Maud BOSTOCK (b abt 1475)
  15. Ralph TILSTON (b 1506) = Elizabeth LEIGHTON (b abt 1505)
  16. Thomas TILSTON (b abt 1534, d 1587) = Elizabeth PICKLES (b abt 1535, d 1587)
    Thomas changed his name from Tilston to Tillotson when he moved to Yorkshire.
  17. James TILLOTSON = Mary Ann HUDSON (b 1567).
  18. John TILLOTSON (b 1591, d 1628) = Mary MITCHELL
  19. John TILLOTSON (b 1618, d 1670) = Dorcas COLEMAN (d abt 1655)
    This John emigrated to Massachusetts.
  20. John TILLOTSON (b abt 1650/1651, d 1719) = Mary MORRICE
  21. Joseph TILLOTSON (b 1689, d 1755) = Hannah GRAHAM (b 1699, d 1789)
  22. Joseph TILLOTSON (b abt 1734) = Theodosia YOUNGS (d 1778)
  23. Samuel TILLOTSON (b 1759, d 1848) = Sarah PARTRIDGE (b 1769, d 1846)
  24. Daniel TILLOTSON (b 1796, d 1863) = Tryphena HULET (b 1797, d 1829)
  25. Franklin James Tillotson Franklin James TILLOTSON (b 1824, d 1900) = Jane Ann sSxton Jane Ann SEXTON (b 1828, d 1904)
  26. James Francis Tillotson James Francis TILLOTSON (b 1849, d 1893) = Clara M. Stahler Clara M. STAHLER (b 1849, d 1925)
  27. Eva Josephine Tillotson Eva Josephine TILLOTSON (b 1878, d 1956) = John Michael Burns John Michael BURNS (b 1876, d 1959)
  28. Robert Francis Burns Robert Francis BURNS (b 1914, d 1999) = Paulette Henriette Lequien Paulette Henriette LEQUIEN (b 1918, d 1995)
  29. Philip Robert BURNS (b 1952)

Beatrix de Gernons, supposed wife of Eynion de Tilston, was a sister of Hugh of Kevelioc, and a great-granddaughter of Henry I Beauclerc, son of William "The Conqueror" and Matilda of Flanders. Here is the ancestry of Beatrix de Gernons back to William and Matilda:

  1. William "The Conqueror", Duke of Normandy and King of England (b 1027, d 1087) = Matilda of Flanders (b 1032, d 1083)
  2. Henry I Beauclerc, King of England (b 1070, d 1135) = Unknown concubine
  3. Robert de Caen, Earl of Gloucester (b 1090, d 1147) = Mabel (Sibyl, Maud) Fitzhamon (b 1090, d 1157)
  4. Matilda Maud FitzRobert (b 1120, d 1189) = Ranulph, Earl of Chester (b 1100, d 1153)
  5. Beatrix de GERNONS (b abt 1146) = Eynion de TILSTON (b abt 1126)

In addition to my ancestor John Tillotson who came to Massachusetts, two of his relatives, likewise named John Tillotson, also emigrated to the British colonies in the New World. A fourth John Tillotson, a relative of these three emigrants, remained in England and became the Archbishop of Canterbury. Here is how all these Johns are traditionally considered to be related:

                  Thomas Tilston
                 /              \
   James Tillotson           George Tillotson
        |                          |
   John                         Robert Tillotson
        |                   /      |       \
   John,              Joshua      Israel   John,
   to Massachusetts     |          |       Archbishop of Canterbury
   (my ancestor)      John,       Joshua
                      to Maryland  |
                                  to Virginia

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