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I majored in mathematics and computer science as an undergraduate (along with a minor in English Literature). I studied computer mathematics and numerical analysis in graduate school.

I began writing and improving existing statistical and numerical software in 1970. Until 1985 such statistical software development activities comprised a major portion of my duties, first at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and later at Northwestern University. During this period I wrote some major components for SPSS (e.g., SPSS MANOVA) and SCA. I also ported and improved a wide variety of statistical programs to Control Data mainframes.

In December of 1988 I left Northwestern University to join a start-up firm, Reflective Systems. We sought to meld artificial intelligence techniques, database methods, and network access into a seamless approach to accessing distributed data, discovering hidden data relationships, and producing concise reports in written and graphical form. The system we envisioned also incorporated advanced techniques for guiding data analysis. Unfortunately, we were not able to attract sufficient funding to take our ideas further than a prototype system.

After Reflective Systems closed in 1990, I joined another startup, Broadview Communications, which sought to develop leading-edge communications software for PCs.

In the Fall of 1993 I returned to Northwestern University. I have not worked on statistical computing applications since 1990. I miss this line of work since it was a big part of my professional career for so many years.

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