A Tillotson Coat-of-arms

John Tillotson and Dorcas Coleman

John Tillotson was born on June 29, 1618 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He was a second cousin of John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury. John and his sisters were orphaned at the age of ten and became wards of an uncle. The exact date of John's arrival from England is not known. The first reference to John in Massachusetts places him at Rowley in 1639. He was one of the initial settlers and original property owners of Rowley. Later he moved to Newbury, Massachusetts.

John married Dorcas Coleman on July 14, 1648 in Newbury, Massachusetts. She was born in 1630 in Marlboro, England.

John and Dorcas produced three children:

Dorcas died on January 1, 1653/54 in Newbury, Massachusetts. John then married Jane Evans on May 24, 1655 in Lyme, Connecticut. Jane was probably born about 1635. John and Jane produced four children:

John and Jane moved their family to Saybrook, Connecticut in about 1660. John died on June 7, 1670 in Lyme, Connecticut. Jane later married John Robbins in Brantford, Connecticut and had three children (Joseph, Hannah, and William) with him. Jane died on April 15, 1684 in Lyme, Connecticut.

Official records reflect poorly on John Tillotson:

To add to this list of black marks, John also had a child before his marriage to Dorcas Coleman. No mother is named:

John Tillotson left the following estate valued at eighty-four pounds:

"To the widdow or rellick of the said Tillotson seven-ten pounds and one third of the profits of all land during her natural life.

To John Tillotson, the eldest son, seven-ten pounds.
To Jonathan Tillotson, twelve pounds.
To Jacob Tillotson, twelve pounds.
To James Tillotson, twelve pounds.
To Phildelphia Tillotson, seven pounds.
To Mary Tillotson, seven pounds.

The portions to be payed to the children to the sons twenty and one years of age, to the daughters eighteen years of age or day of marriage.

Extracted out of the Court Records by me, Daniel Wetherell, Clerk, June 11, 1670."

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