Jane Ann Sexton Tillotson

Jane Ann Sexton Tillotson

Jane Ann Sexton was born on March 1, 1828 in Waterbury, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Henry Youmans Sexton and Roxa Adams. Jane Ann married Franklin James Tillotson on December 16, 1847 in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio. Together they produced nine children. See the page on Franklin James Tillotson for more information on the children of Franklin and Jane Ann.

In 1852 Franklin and Jane Ann moved to Duplain, Michigan along with the Hicks family. Jane Ann's father Henry and brother Charles had already moved to Duplain in 1850. Jane Ann and Franklin were instrumental in founding the town of Elsie, Michigan which was named after their daughter Elsie Amelia Tillotson, the first white child born there.

Franklin and Jane Ann moved their family to Will County, Illinois in November 1865 where a number of Franklin's relatives already resided. Franklin and Jane Ann settled on a farm near the town of Goodenow. Later after Franklin's health declined they moved into the nearby town of Crete. My great-grandfather James Francis Tillotson often wrote letters to his mother, Jane Ann, while he lived in Chicago and she lived in Crete.

In my family Jane Ann is remembered for being very severe -- a red-head with a temper to match -- while her busband Franklin James was very mild-mannered. My grandmother Eva Josephine Tillotson used to answer the question "Who were your grandparents?" by enunciating slowly, clearly, and with great emphasis: "My grandmother was JANE (pause) ANN (pause) SEXTON." She would then go on to say in an off-handed run-on manner "My grandfather's name was Franklin James."

After Franklin's death Jane Ann spent a few months in Elsie with her relatives there. She was surprised at all the changes that had taken place in the thirty-five years since she had left.

Jane Ann died at her home in Crete, Will County, Illinois on April 14, 1904 after several weeks of intense suffering. She is buried with her husband Franklin, her son James, and two of James's children who died as infants. See Jane Ann's obituaries from Elsie and Crete.

Jane Ann Sexton Tillotson

Jane Ann Sexton.

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