It were, indeed, a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory of it belongs to our ancestors.
-- Plutarch

My aunt collected a lot of information about our family background on my father's side. I have worked with a number of distant cousins to extend this information. Our branch of the Burns and Cowhey family (my grandfather's line) emigrated from Limerick, Ireland to the Chicago area in the middle 1800s. The Tillotson family (my grandmother's line) arrived in the States in the 1600s.

My mother's ancestry lies in France and Holland. My great-great-great-grandfather Léonard Dorpmans (later Dorpsmans) emigrated from Rotterdam, Holland to France. Léonard married a French woman named Emily Desmarest in Rouen, Normandy, France. The Lequien family (my mother's maiden name) have deep roots in the Pas-de-Calais region of France. The family has lived there from at least the early 1700s.

An analysis of the mitochondrial DNA I inherited from my mother reveals that I am a descendant of "Katrine", one of the seven European "clan mothers." Katrine lived about 15,000 years ago near the present day city of Venice. Oetzi, the "ice man" whose mummified body was found in the Alps in 1991, was also a descendant of Katrine, and therefore my very distant cousin. Some 10% of modern Europeans can claim Katrine as their clan mother. See Oxford Ancestors for more information about mitochondrial DNA analysis and the European clan mothers.

I am slowly computerizing all the information we've collected about our family history. You can look at my direct descent from Richard de Tilston (abt 1096), from John Burns and Mary Dempsey, and from Petrus Dorpmans and Elizabeth Verhagen. You may find the list of my personal genealogy pages helpful. There are many related surnames: Bennett, Cagney, Rossman, Sexton, and Stahler are among these. If you believe you are related to me, please send me email and let me know.

On August 1, 1998 I retired my web pages containing links to adoption information, cemetery information, genealogical software, surname sites, and so on. There are now a number of better places to find this information. The short list of links below should get you started.

Sexton Families

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