Bhutan Yeti Stamp

Yeti Stamps

Among the most famous of "hairy hominids" is the Yeti, said to inhabit the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. Actually there are three creatures referred to as the yeti. The Meh-teh is a man-sized ape-like creature with thick reddish-brown to black fur, a conical head, and long arms which reach almost to its knees. It always walks on two legs. The Dzu-teh is a large bear-like creature, usually seen walking on four legs but occasionally on two. It leaves behind clawed footprints. Locals say it raids livestock holdings. It is very likely to be some kind of bear. The Teh-lma is another ape-like creature, smaller than the Meh-teh. The Teh-lma is about three to four feet tall with a pointed head and reddish fur. They appear to subsist on frogs.

See the Bigfoot section of my cryptozoology links page for more sites offering information about the Yeti and similar creatures.

Selected Yeti Stamps
Bhutan Yeti Stamps

Scott # 84-84N
Issued 1966

This set of fifteen triangular stamps presents traditional Bhutanese images of the Yeti.

Bhutan Yeti 3D Stamp

Scott # 116D
Issued 1970

This simulated three-dimensional Yeti stamp is one of a set depicting animals from around the world. A plastic overlay provides the 3D effect.

Bhutan Yeti Stamp

Scott # 1129-1130
Issued 1996

This yeti (abominable snowman) appears in a souvenir sheet depicting Bhutanese folktales. In addition to the yeti, the sheet also includes the White Bird, Sing Sing Lhamo and the moon, the Hoopoe, the Cloud Fairies, and the Three Wishes.

Maldives Yeti Stamp

Scott # 1769
Issued 1992

This Yeti footprint souvenir sheet is part of a set of thirteen entitled "Mysteries of the Universe." The footprint is modeled after those found in Nepal in 1951 by American mountain climber Eric Shipton. There is also a Loch Ness Monster sheet in this series.

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