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Thylacine Stamps

The Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger was a marsupial carnivore native to Tasmania. The Thylacine was officially hunted to extinction in the wild in the early part of this century. The last known living specimen died in captivity in the Hobart zoo in 1936. Occasional sightings suggest that a few Thylacines may still exist in the wild.

See the Tasmanian Tiger and relatives section of my cryptozoology links page for more sites offering information about the Thylacine.

Selected Thylacine Stamps
Australia Thylacine Stamp

Scott # 325
Issued 1962

Also see the first day cover for this stamp.

Australia Thylacine Stamp

Scott # 788
Issued 1981

Also see the first day cover, another first day cover, and a block of four. This stamp is part of a set of six stamps showing extinct or endangered animals. The other animals included are the Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby, Leadbeater's Possum, the Greater Bilby, the Stick-nest Rat, and the Queensland Hairy-nosed wombat. You can view a first day cover for this set of stamps.

Equatorial Guinea Thylacine Stamp
Equatorial Guinea

This thylacine stamp commemorates wildlife protection.

Micronesia Thylacine Stamp

Scott # 347i
Issued 1999

This stamp appears on a miniature sheet of 20 depicting extinct and prehistoric animals commemorating Earth Day 1999.

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