Books, Articles, and Television Programs on the Dangers Posed by Earth-Crossing Objects

Over the past few years many books, articles, and television documentaries have discussed impacts and the danger from near-Earth objects. Some motion pictures have also featured the impact threat as part of the plot.

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Click on the title for a book which is still in print to find publishing information or purchase a copy from the online book store at You can also search for more books on astronomical catastrophism.

You should read David Morrison's reviews of recent books and articles on the impact hazard which includes the books by Lewis, Steel, Verschuur, Cox and Chestek, Gribbin and Gribbin, Desonie, and Barnes-Svarney. Also available is a preliminary version of a review of Duncan Steel's book by Clark Chapman. The final version appeared in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science, v.31 (1996), pp. 313-314. Morrison and Chapman strongly disagree with the Clube/Napier/Asher/Steel idea of coherent catastrophism.



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