Criticisms of Catastrophism

Traditionally, has been the principal USENET news group hosting discussions of catastrophism. Thus you will find criticisms of catastrophist positions (primarily those of Velikovsky and the Saturnists) at the archive maintained by Brett Vickers. The USENET news group alt.catastrophism, not available at all sites, was originally intended to be a focal point for discussions of historical catastrophism. However, it receives very few messages anymore as most discussions of catastrophism have moved to private mailing lists.

While the following critics primarily target Velikovskian-style catastrophism, many of their arguments also apply to other types of astronomical catastrophism. Some of these critics are not against catastrophism in general, just specific types of catastrophism.

Philip R. "Pib" Burns

Here are some messages which I posted to the USENET news group over the years. These messages contain responses to catastrophists who subscribe to the Saturnist and Velikovskian viewpoints.

Clark Chapman

Leroy Ellenberger

Bob Forrest

Paul Heinrich

Sean Mewhinney

David Morrison

Gunnar Ries

Tim Thompson

Wayne Throop

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