Descent from John Burns and Mary Dempsey to Philip Robert Burns

These are my direct Burns ancestors back to John Burns and his wife Mary Dempsey of Shanagolden, County Limerick, Ireland (see map of Ireland). I have not listed multiple spouses or siblings. If you know anything about this branch of the Burns family, particularly about ancestors before John, please send me email and let me know. Click on the small images to see larger versions.

  1. John BURNS = Mary DEMPSEY
  2. Thumbnail picture of Michael Burns Michael BURNS (b 1827, d 1907) = Thumbnail picture of Margaret Cagney Cowhey Burns Margaret COWHEY (b abt 1842, d 1906)
  3. Thumbnail picture of John Michael Burns John Michael BURNS (b 1876, d 1959) = Thumbnail picture of Eva Josephine Tillotson Eva Josephine TILLOTSON (b 1878, d 1956)
  4. Thumbnail picture of Robert Francis Burns Robert Francis BURNS (b 1914, d 1999) = Thumbnail picture of Paulette Henriette Lequien Paulette Henriette LEQUIEN (b 1918, d 1995)
  5. Philip Robert BURNS (b 1952)

In 1994, my relative Janet Quinn Freyberg visited Shanagolden and sent us there photos of the ancestral Burns homestead.

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