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I've been surrounded by art all my life. My father received a Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois. For several years after finishing school he worked as an assistant curator for an art museum in San Francisco. While there he studied photography with Mason Weymouth. When World War Two broke out, he was called to serve as an officer with the Third Army in France.

After the end of the war, my father stayed in Paris where he undertook further art training at the Beaux Arts. He studied painting and lithography. He also met my mother at this time. They were married in 1945.

My father returned to the States with my mother and rejoined his family in Chicago. He worked as a commercial artist in his own advertising business, among other things, but he never stopped painting as a hobby. After his retirement he continued to paint in his favorite medium, acrylics.

In my younger days I dabbled a bit in pastel drawing and watercolors. I wasn't very good, but I could probably have made a go of it had I not been more interested in other things. Two of my sisters inherited much more of my father's talent than I did. They still create various kinds of artworks as a hobby.

My father and his siblings were all fine amateur photographers. My father focussed on still photography. My aunt and uncle concentrated on 8mm motion pictures. My father bought me an old-fashioned 8mm magazine-style movie camera when I was about ten years old. I took lots of movies!

My nephews and nieces are almost all accomplished photographers. My nephews Paul and Sean have worked as professional photographers. Maybe I infected them with the camera bug because I took so many movies and still pictures of them while they were young!

My primary interest in photography nowadays concerns my ongoing project to preserve and protect the photographic history of my family. I use my 35mm Nikon N70 with a 60mm macro lens to copy all kinds of old photographs. I also use a Minolta Vectis APS camera for casual photography.


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