Figure 6-7 for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 6-7

Top left, inferred sea-surface temperatures in a North Atlantic sediment core. Middle, oxygen isotope ratios in the GRIP ice core from Summit, Greenland. Right, a gray scale of sediment in a core from the Cariaco basin off Venezuela. Light-colored sediment, indicating greater biological productivity, is correlated with cold periods in Greenland and the North Atlantic. Bottom left, oxygen isotopes in the GRIP ice core for the period 12,600 to 13,600 years ago, encompassing the Older Dryas and the inter-Alleroed cold periods. Bottom right, thickness in millimeters of laminations in the Cariaco basin core. Greater thickness indicates greater biological productivity, again correlated with cold periods in Greenland.

Source: Konrad A. Hughen at al., "Rapid Climate Changes in the Tropical Atlantic Region During the Last Deglaciation," Nature Vol. 380 (March 7, 1996), p. 53.

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