Figure 6-3d for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 6-3d

e, at the bottom, methane concentrations in the GRIP and Byrd Station ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, this time on a common age scale instead of depth scales; a, at the top, oxygen isotope ratios in the GRIP ice core with numbered warming events; below that, Heinrich events 2 to 5, on the vertical dashed lines; b, abundances of the foraminifer N. pachyderma in a North Atlantic sediment core as a proxy for sea-surface temperatures; d, carbon dioxide concentrations in the Byrd ice core. Note the correlation of warm periods with methane peaks.

Source: B. Stauffer et al., "Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Millennial-Scale Climate Change During the Last Glacial Period," Nature Vol. 392 (March 5, 1998), pp. 59-62.

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