Figure 6-3a for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 6-3a

From the top down, a and b, oxygen isotope ratios of enclosed air in the GISP2 and Vostok ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, respectively; c, oxygen isotope ratios in a marine sediment core; d, hydrogen isotope ratios in the Vostok ice core; e, oxygen isotope ratios in the GISP2 ice core; f, calcium concentrations in the GISP2 core shown on a logarithmic scale, which serves as a proxy of dustiness. The dotted lines show warming events identified in both Greenland and Antarctica.

Source: Michael Bender et al., "Climate Correlations Between Greenland and Antarctica During the Past 100,000 Years," Nature Vol. 372 (Dec. 15, 1994)), p. 664.

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