Figure 6-13 for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 6-13

Fluctuations in relative bottom-current speed over the past 25,000 years off the northeastern United States, as indicated by mean silt particle size expressed in phi units (the smaller the number, the larger the particle size, and the stronger the current). The data for each deep-sea sediment core are plotted directly above the position of the core on a profile of the continental slope and rise shown below. The modern position of the Deep Western Boundary Undercurrent (DWBUC) is shown for reference.

Source: Michael T. Ledbetter and William L. Balsam, "Paleoceanography of the Deep Western Boundary Undercurrent on the North American Continental Margin for the Past 25000 Yr," Geology Vol. 13 (March, 1985), p. 183.

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