Figure 5a-8 for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 5a-8

An enlargement of the lower right-hand corner of Charles Hapgood's reproduction of the Piri Re'is map from Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. When comparing with Fig. 5a-7, remember that confusingly, Hapgood has given the grid on this part of the map both latitude and longitude readings which are wrong, according to him! So one must subtract 10 degrees from the west longitude readings at the bottom, while all the latitudes are too far north, even after adding a correction of 25 degrees to the main grid. Hapgood gives the followed numbered features these identifications: 80.: Mt. Ropke, 81.: Regula Range, 82.: Muhlig-Hofmann Mtns., 83.: Penck Trough, 84.: Neumayer Escarpment, 85.: Drygalski Mtns., 86.: Vorposten Peak, 87.: Boreas, Passat Nunataks.

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