Figure 3-2 for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 3-2

Vegetation map for the second half of the Atlantic period, 6000-4600 yr B.P. (Compiled by N. A. Khotinskiy with the use of data by M. I. Neustadt, T. A. Serebryannaya, A. T. Artyushenko, A. A. Seybutis, O. F. Yakushko, G. A. Yelina, L. D. Nikiforova, V. S. Volkova, G. M. Levkovskaya, M. V. Nikol'skaya, V. A. Belova, A. I. Tomskaya, T. D. Boyarskaya, T. N. Kaplina, and A. V. Loshkin.)

Source: N. A. Khotinskiy, "Holocene Vegetation History," in A. A. Velichko et al., eds., Late Quaternary Environments of the Soviet Union (Univ. of Minnesota Press, 1984), pp. 194-195.

Figure 3-2b

Key to Figure 3-2: The most relevant indicators are, in the north, the boundary betweem tundra (1) and forest tundra (2), and the southern limit of tundra (19), and in the east, the border between mountain tundra and shrubland (17) and light larch taiga (6a).

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