Figure 3-1 for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 3-1

Location map of northern Canada showing the tentative reconstruction of the most northerly mean summer position of the Arctic Front during the hypsithermal. These smoothed curves connect locations of relict spruce clones which are thought to represent the northernmost extension of the forest-tundra ecotone. The palynological sites bracketing the ecotone contain evidence of prolonged Holocene tundra conditions (Pelly Lake, Coppermine) or micro- and macro-fossil proof of substantial northward displacement of the forest.

Source: Harvey Nichols, Palynological and Paleoclimatic Study of the Late Quaternary Displacements of the Boreal Forest-Tundra Ecotone in Keewatin and Mackenzie, N.W.T., Canada, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research Occasional Paper 15 (1975).

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