Figure 1-2a for Sean Mewhinney's Minds in Ablation

Figure 1-2a

Comparison of the Devils Hole and Vostok stable isotope paleotemperature records. For Vostok we show both the original chronology of Lorius et al. (1985) and the more recent EGT ("extended glaciological time scale") chronology of Jouzel et al., (1993). The linear correlation (r) of Devils Hole with the Lorius chronology in 0.92, and 0.95 with the EGT chronology; no phase adjustments have been made. Standard deviation units computed over the time interval shown.

Source: Isaac J. Winograd et al., "Duration and Structure of the Past Four Interglaciations," Quaternary Research Vol. 48 (1997), pp. 141-154.

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