Picture of Henri, Catherine, and Paul Lequien

Henri Lequien and Catherine Berthin

The picture above shows my maternal uncle Henri Clotaire Lequien, his wife Catherine Berthin, and their oldest son Paul Lequien. Henri was born in Senonches, France on November 10, 1897. Henri and Catherine were married about 1919. The picture dates from about 1925.

Both Henri and his father Clément fought in World War I. Henri suffered a leg wound in the first world war which hampered him slightly for the rest of his life. During the second World War he owned a café and sold coal during the winter months. Later he owned a liquor store and also worked as a game warden at Les Gaudiaux near Toulon sur Arroux, France. Henri and Catherine had two sons:

Picture of Paul Lequien and Robert Lequien

Sons of Henri and Catherine Lequien:
Paul (left) and Robert (right).

About 1936.

Robert Lequien

Robert Lequien in high school.
About 1946.

Robert Lequien

Robert Lequien in his army uniform.
About 1960.

Henri died at his home in Les Gaudiaux in January, 1958 from cancer. He is buried in Toulon sur Arroux with his son Paul.

Grave of Henri Lequien and Paul Lequien

Grave of Henri Lequien and his son Paul Lequien.
Toulon aur Arroux, June, 2002.

I met Catherine Berthin Lequien at her home in Tavernay, France in 1979 when I traveled there with my parents. That was the first time in over thirty years that my mother and her sister-in-law Catherine had seen each other. Catherine died in March, 1990.

My thanks to Marcel Berthin for some of the above information.

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