Pib's Genealogy Photos Needing Identification

Please let me know if you can identify any of the unknown people in these photos. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger version of the photo.

Unknown man #1

Unknown man #1 in an Union Army officer's uniform. This photo came from a Wisconsin photo album labelled "Tillotson family." Unfortunately the individual photos were not identified. This photo was taken in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I suggest the subject may be John Seth Tillotson who lived in La Crosse during the Civil War. John served in the First Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War. John was the son of John Tillotson and Adaline Demontank Hitchcock and the grandson of Samuel Tillotson and Sarah Partridge.

Unknown man #1, second photo

Another photo of unknown man #1.

Unknown couple

Unknown man in Union army uniform and a woman who is probably his wife. This photo was taken in Janesville, Wisconsin and comes from the same Wisconsin photo album as above. Perhaps this man is John Seth Tillotson's brother Cortiss Stevens Tillotson and his wife Lucy Snyder. Cortiss served in Company A of the First Wisconsin Cavalry. He died of a heart attack in July, 1864 following hospitalization for yellow fever during the Civil War.

Florence Tilotson

Florence Tillotson. I do not know which Florence Tillotson she might be. The photo was taken in Whittier, California.

Florence Tilotson

Another photo of Florence Tillotson.

Unknown woman #1

Unknown Civil War era woman #1 from a photo album which contained labeled photos of my great-great-grandfather Franklin James Tillotson and his nephew Franklin Moon, first husband of Clara Olive Freese. This woman in this photo may be Mary Emeline Tillotson Bennett, Franklin Tillotson's sister, and wife of David Humes Bennett.

Unknown man #2

Unknown Civil War era man. I believe the resemblance to David Humes Bennett is very strong, so this is probably David as a young man. This would also make sense the unknown woman #1 above were his wife Mary Emeline Tillotson Bennett since they come from the same album.

Unknown girl

Unknown Civil War era girl. From the same album as the previous two photos above.

Unknown Civil War era woman #2

Unknown Civil War era woman #2. From the same album as the previous three photos above.

Unknown Civil War era couple.

Unknown Civil War era couple. From the same album as the previous four photos above.

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