Miscellaneous Genealogy Photos From Ohio

This page presents miscellaneous photos all of which are probably from nineteenth century Ohio. I recognize some of these people, but not all. Presumably all are relatives or in-laws of the Bennett, Morton, Peck, Sexton, or Tillotson families. If you recognize any of these folks, please let me know. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger version of the photo.

Irvenia Smedley Brown

Irvenia Smedley Brown was the second daughter of James S. amd Maria Smedley. She was born in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio on May 10, 1847. She married Frederick Brown on September 3, 1866. They made their home in Berea, Ohio where they had three daughters. Irvenia died October 9, 1909. This photo which was taken in Berea Ohio probably dates to about 1890. I do not know if Irvenia was related to me.

Alice Smedley.

Mrs. Alice Smedley. Presumably an in-law of Irvenia Smedley Brown. Photo taken around 1900 in Berea, Ohio. The photo itself is not marked; the name appeared on an adjoining slip of paper, so this may not be Mrs. Smedley.

Miss Edgerton Cleveland

Miss Edgerton Cleveland. While both photos are marked "Miss", Edgerton is a man's name, and so she is probably "Mrs. Edgerton Cleveland." Alternatively she may "Miss Edgerton" -from- Cleveland. Both this and the next photo were taken in Cleveland, Ohio around 1900.

Miss Edgerton Cleveland

Another photo of Miss Edgerton (of?) Cleveland.

Lillis Higley.

Lillis Higley. Photo taken in Toledo, Ohio around 1900.

Lib Baldwin Hollinger.

Lib Baldwin Hollinger. Photo taken in Detroit around 1900. Perhaps related to Cordelia Baldwin, wife of James Wesley Tillotson, who was the son of Erastus Allen Tillotson and Fidelia Mathers.

Frank Morton and family.

Frank Morton was a brother of Emma Morton Tillotson. He lived in Swanton, Ohio which is where this photo was taken around 1900. Left to right: Jay Morton, Frank Morton, Mattie Morton, Lucy Wallace Morton, Jessie Morton, and Hattie Morton. Lucy Wallace was from Portersville, New York. Frank and Lucy were married December 23, 1880. They had four children, all of whom appear in this photo.

Sophronia Morton Hayes.

Sophronia Morton Hayes. Sophronia B. Morton was born to Erastus Morton and Prudence Butler on March 22, 1826 in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio. Sophronia was an aunt of Emma Morton Tillotson. Sophronia married G. W. Hayes. This photo probably dates to around 1890.

Jay and Paul Root.

Jay Root (left) and Paul Root. Sons of Thomas Root and Mary Morton. Photo taken around 1885 in Elyria, Ohio. Mary Morton was a sister of Emma Morton Tillotson. Jay Root was born in 1885 and died in 1924.

Jeremiah Peck

Jeremiah Peck around 1860. Photo taken in Toledo, Ohio. Jeremiah was presumably a relative of my great-great-grandaunt Louise Orinda Peck, wife of Darius Francis Tillotson.

Jeremiah Peck

Jeremiah Peck. Photo taken around 1900 in Toledo, Ohio.

Elizabeth Peck

Elizabeth Peck, wife of Jeremiah Peck. Photo taken around 1900 in Toledo, Ohio.

Maria Alvord Peck

Maria Alvord Peck. Civil War era.

Maria Alvord Peck

Maria Alvord Peck. Photo taken around 1900 in Toledo, Ohio.

Capitola Wallace.

Capitola Wallace. Apparently married to David Wallace. Possibly an in-law of Lucy Wallace who married Frank Morton. Photo taken around 1900 in Toledo, Ohio.

Cecil Wallace.

Cecil Wallace. Possibly a relative or in-law of Lucy Wallace who married Frank Morton. Photo taken around 1900 in Toledo, Ohio.

Kitty Wallace's husband.

Kitty Wallace's husband. Unfortunately his first name is not given on the photo. Perhaps the husband of Capitola or Cecil?

Miss Warren.

"Miss Warren." Civil War era photo. Toledo, Ohio.

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