Old High School in Elsie, Michigan

Schools in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan

Here are some photos of the old Elsie High School, which is now used as a commercial property. A new high school opened around 1970, and a new junior high school opened in 1999.

You may click on the thumbnail images of each photo to see a larger version.

Old Elsie High School Old Elsie High School.
Old Elsie High School aerial shot A very faded photo of the old high school, captured in an aerial shot about 1910.
Old Elsie High School A photo of the old Elsie high school captured by Louis Pesha around 1914.
Old Elsie High School The old high school with a few students in front. About 1909.
Old Elsie High School The old high school on September 7, 1920.
Elsie High School Bell and Sign A bell and sign from the old high school now stands in front of the Elsie Library and Historical Society. September, 2002.

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