Marriage Record for Clément-Clotaire Lequien and Élise Marie Dorpsmans

This is the marriage record for my grandparents Clément-Clotaire Lequien and Élise Marie Dorpsmans. The handwriting in this document is generally quite legible. I wish to thank my sister Ginette for her assistance. You may also look at images of the original document:

We found the unfamiliar legal language difficult to understand so some of the translation is probably inaccurate. We believe that we have captured most of the important information correctly.

Main body of marriage record

No. 5
2 May
Marriage of Clément-Clotaire Lequien and Élise Marie Dorpsmans

In the year 1896 on Saturday, May 2 at 11 o'clock in the morning, legal hour in the town hall and before us, Victor Edward Marchand, assistant performing the delegated functions of registrar of the civil state of the village of Senonches, county seat of the canton in the department of Eure et Loire, publicly appeared in court before the magistrate Mr. Clément-Clotaire Lequien private caretaker, 25 years of age, living at Souvilliers-les-Perches for less than six months, previously from Willeman, canton of Parcq district of Saint ?, department of Pas de Calais, where he was born on July 13, 1870, this proved by his birth record written that day on the official state register of the said town of Willeman, of age, son of Clément Lequien, road laborer, and of Ludivine Saint Jean his spouse, housewife, both residing at Willeman and having given their consent to the marriage by written act passed before Master Dacquin, notary at the residence of Parcq on the 19th of April 1896, who registered Mr. Lequien, Father, here present, reiterating his consent by the act thus stated above on the other part. And Miss Élise Marie Dorpsmans, not employed, aged 17 years, residing with her grandmother in Senonches, born in Paris in the 14th district on the 30th of April, 1879, this proved by the extract of her birth record written the day after on the register of the births of said district, natural daughter, recorded in the said town hall of the 14th district, the 5th of July, 1879 of Mrs. Julie Constance Dorpsmans, deceased, spouse of Albert Pierre August Peutat, bookbinder the 20th of March 1892, Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine number 184 in Paris, this proved by the certificate of death written the next day on the acts of civil state of the 12th district in Paris, and granddaughter on the maternal side of Mrs. Louise Aurore Bisson, of independent means, residing in Senonches, widow of Jules-François Joseph Dorpsmans, here present and consenting. On the other part these people have requested to proceed with the celebration of their marriage of which the publication (of the wedding bans) has been made in the town of Senonches as well as in Louvilliers les Perches and Willeman both consecutive Sundays 19 and 26 of last April without having surfaced any opposition: thus have certified and attested the mayors of the towns of Louvilliers les Perche and of Willeman for their certificates, dated the 29 of last April. These certificates, the extract of the birth record of the bride, the death record of the Mother of the bride, and the original decree of consent to this marriage by Mr. and Mrs. Lequien duly legalized: these remain joined to one of our register books after having been signed by us and by those who have written or produced these papers. Granting this request we, authorized registrar of the civil state, after having assured ourself that the law of the compulsory military service has been satisfied and that the groom belongs to the active army reserve and after our interrogation of all documents and all persons here present to authorize the marriage, we have declared that there was no previous marriage contract. We have read to the parties mentioned the documents above and chapter six section(?) five in the first book of the public code entitled The Rights and Duties Respectively of Spouses; then we have asked the bride and groom if they wanted to take each other for husband and wife, each having answered separately and affirmatively. We have declared in the name of the law that Clément-Clotaire Lequien and Élise Marie Dorpsmans are united by the marriage. Which act we have stated in the knowing presence from the side of the groom Mr. Jules Elie Souchet, hotel owner, aged 34 years, residing at Senonches, friend of the groom; Claudius Guricolas, tax collector, 27 years of age, residing at Senonches, friend of the groom; and on the side of the bride Mr. Eugene Victor Hébert, locksmith, aged 44 years, residing at Senonches friend of the bride, and of Emile Leluc, wooden shoe maker, aged 45 years, residing at Senonches friend of the bride. And having the spouses, the father of the groom, the grandmother of the bride, and the four witnesses sign this present act with us after having read it to them.

Sidebar noting divorce

Marriage was dissolved by judgment of divorce given by the civil court in Fontainbleau, the 16th of October 1931, and transcribed the 16th of February, 1932.

The Mayor,
(illegible name)

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